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Weigh Feeder

Weigh Feeder

weigh-feederWe will take this opportunity to introduce VT CORP as a leader in the field of Industrial weighing and bagging machines and material handling equipment for last 40 years. Our heavy duty Weigh Feeder offers accurate weigh feeding of a variety of demanding industrial applications with high feed rates. Its unique design allows the belt to be changed with minimum downtime, and its heavy-duty construction provides larger pulleys and a very sturdy and rugged frame for increased accuracy in high-rate, heavy-duty applications. These features work together to augment the performance of your process and improve your bottom line.

Every feeder is designed to meet the specific needs of the application. We work closely with our customers to ensure that each system meets their expectations for performance and dependability. Our weigh feeders can accommodate flow rates up to 2000 TPH, and belt widths up to 2400 mm.

Salient Features:


  1. Very Sturdy and Rugged Frame Design
  2. Quick Belt change mechanism ensures very low down time.
  3. Designed for capacities from 1 to 2000 TPH
  4. Unique Dual Load cell design for accurate weighing
  5. Feed control inputs from Driving as well as Driven pulleys to ensure Precise feed rate.
  6. Accuracy as high as + 0.5% on the set point


  1. Our Electronic controller ensures trouble free interface with the plants processes and control system.
  2. Specially developed Software offers seamless integration with PLC or PC


Support of the customer does not end once the equipment is sold. It is the beginning.
With after-sales support being the cornerstone of our business philosophy, we offer prompt and efficient after sales service.

Controller Specifications

Model VEC – W
Type Microprocessor based
Housing Cast Aluminium
Display 4 lines, 20 characters alpha-numeric LCD with LED
Front Keypad Membrane foil with pressure sensitive keypad
Operating Temperature 0° C to 50° C
Digital Inputs 8 Nos. Expandable to 16
Digital Outputs 8 Nos. Expandable to 16 optically isolated
Analog Inputs 2 No. galvanically isolatelo(4 – 20 mA optically isolated)
Analog Output 2 Nos. Galvanically isolated
Serial Inerface RS 232/RS 485

Technical Specifications

Capacity 1 to 2000 TPH
Belt Width 600 to 2400 mm wide
Pulley Centres 1800 to 2400 mm
Control Range 1 : 10
Type of material handled Lumpy, Granular, Sticky & fine
Infeed Hopper Designed as per material characteristics
Liners Optional
Weight Sensing By Dual Loadcell weighing Mechanism
Speed Sensing Digital Contact less tacho
Belt Cleaning Mechanism Internal & External Scrappers
Type of Motors AC 3 Phase
Drive Mechanism Direct coupled shaft mounted drives
Speed Control AC variable speed drive / DC thyristor drive
Electronic Controller Dedicated controller
Accuracy +/- 0.5% on the set point in control range

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