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Single Head Type Packing Machine-All types of Granules Can Pack

Gravity Flow Packer

Gravity Flow Packer

Model: VTC-GFP

Model VTC-GFPN is a gravity feed packer specifically for granular products like Sugar, Chemicals, Plastic, Sponge Iron, Food Grains etc. Net weigher has high discharge rate with very high accuracy on account of 3 variable feeding mechanism.

All contact parts of the machine to suit material characteristics (Corrosive / abrasive etc.) can be provided.


  • The Machine to be fitted below the Storage Hopper. Material flows into the damper controlled by Pneumatic Cylinder.
  • The bag will be lifted by bag feeding arrangement from the bag stack. the bag will be reoriented & clamped at the outlet opening of discharge hopper. The bag will be filled to the preset material weight. After filling, the bag will automatically fall down in to the conveyor below which will carry the filled bags.
  • This machine is a 03 stage feeding type for better control and accuracy.
  • The complete system will be operated Electro-pneumatically by using Electronic Controller.


  • Automatic bag placer is machine which transfers the empty bag from a stack of bags to the hopper where it is clamped and the material is filled.
  • Initially it picks up an empty HDPE/PAPER bag from the stack of bag with the help of vacuum cups.
  • In the next stage the empty bag is transferred to an intermediate stage where it is opened using vacuum cups.
  • Finally, the bag is transferred to the hopper where it is clamped using pneumatic cylinders.
  • The mechanisms are operated pneumatically with logic control interfaced with the other systems.



  • Automatic bag dispenser is machine which transfers the filled bag containing the material from the hopper to the stitching machine using a guided mechanism of linear guides and pneumatic cylinders.
  • After the bag has been completely filled & unclamped the arm extends and clamps the bag from the top & supports it from the bottom/sides & places it onto the conveyor.
  • After the bag has been shifted from the filling machine the dispenser then guides the filled bags directly into the stitching machine.
  • The mechanisms are operated pneumatically with logic control interfaced with the other systems.

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