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Electrostatic Precipitator

The VT CORP Electrostatic Precipitator was introduced, considering the increasing demands of environmental protections.Since Inception VT CORP had credentials of satisfactory performance of more than 350 ESPs in India and Globally. The precipitator technique has constantly been optimized for several years.The precipitator has been technically superior and the most economical deducting system for numerous applications.

Dust concentrations at the precipitator inlet of a few grams upto several hundred grams per m3 can be reduced to any requested concentration at the precipitator outlet, e.g. to 20 mg/m3 or even lower as per application.

What is an Electrostatic Precipitator?

Electrostatic precipitation is a method of dust collection that uses electrostatic forces, and consists of discharge electrodes and collecting plates. A high voltage is applied to the discharge electrodes to form an electrical field between the discharge Electrode and the collecting plates, and also ionizes the gas around the discharge electrodes to supply ions. When gas that contains an aerosol (dust, mist) flows between the collecting plates and the discharge

electrodes, the aerosol particles in the gas are charged by the ions.The Coulomb force caused by the electric field causes the charged particles to be collected on the collecting plates, and the gas is purified. This is the principle of electrostatic precipitation, and Electrostatic precipitators apply this principle on an industrial scale. The particles collected on the collecting plates are removed by dislodging by rapping the collecting plate




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Salient Features of V T Corp’s ESP:


  1.  Specially Designed X – Type Gas Distribution Plates for Even distribution of the incoming gas flow throughout the cross section of the precipitator and to reduce the overall pressure loss to optimum level.
  2. VT CORP casing and supporting structure are designed to withstand various temperature and pressure conditions. VT CORP designed supporting structure made from sectional steel consist of a system of fixed and movable supports, which permits compensation of the thermal expansion of the casing.
  3. Optimization of the Discharge and Collecting System by VT Corp design VT-240 Collecting Electrode and Discharge Electrode Type Emitron-15, Emitron-0 & Star Electrode.
  4. Effective Mechanical Rapping Mechanism for Collecting Electrode, Discharge Electrode and Gas Distribution Plates.
  5. Microprocessor based HVR Control system offers quicker and differentiated response to changes in the prevailing electrical conditions in the precipitator.

Some of the applications for electrostatic precipitators:


  1. Power and production plants for cement and limestone (Mills, Kilns and Coolers)
  2. Coal and oil-fired boilers, coal mills and coal driers.
  3. Incinerators.
  4. Power plant boilers in power generation plants.
  5. Co – gen plants in sugar and pulp and paper industry.
  6. Biomass fired boilers in renewable energy industry.
  7. Various exhaust applications in steel processing plants.

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