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Automatic Electronic Stationary Packer-Cement,Ready Mix, Dry Mortar

Electronic Stationary Packer

Electronic Stationary Packer

Model: VTC-VIP-2.3

Vertical Impeller Type Electronic Stationary Packer


Model VTC-VIP-2.3 Electronic Stationary Packer

    • Micro Processor based stationary and rotary Electronic Packers.
    • Fully automatic Filling & Weighing.
    • Output of the machine is 15 tons/hour/spout.
    • Digital weighing system with indicator
    • Latest technology and user friendly designs
    • Two stages filling of the material inside the bag ensures better accuracy in weighments.
    • Uses pre-stitched valve type bags. Hence, no stitching is required after the bags are filled.
    • Same machine can be used for packing cement in jute, HDPE (woven), or paper bags (non-laminated)
    • Available in 1 to 6 filling spouts in stationary model and 3 to 12 filling spouts in rotary model.
    • Easy availability of spares and after sales service.


Advantages of the Machine:

    • The cement is pushed by the Impeller & since air is required only to fluidize the cement inside the casing, very less air enters into the cement resulting in low spillage.
    • The Microprocessor based Control System ensures that no bags is filled with the minimum acceptable weight. In case the bag is filled with less than the acceptable weight, the Microprocessor does not allow the bag to be released & the system can be restarted automatically/manually to fill the balance cement in the bag. This way no bags will be packed with less weight.
    • The filled bag remains hanging on the Nozzle until the Microprocessor ensures actual weight of the bag after the filling cycle is completed & the gate is closed. This way the operator can check the weight of each filled bag before it is ejected.
    • Flow is controlled by a specially designed Slide gate which is operated by 3 position Pneumatic cylinder.
    • Ring aeration provided on back of nozzle reduces nozzle clogging.

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