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2-Axis Truck Loading System - Packing Machines | Electrostatic Precipitator | VT Corp Pvt Ltd

2-Axis Truck Loading System

2-Axis Truck Loading System

2-Axis Truck Loading System by V T CORP PVT. LTD. is a compact, efficient, economical and automated system that loads in-layers-arranged bags directly onto trucks. Since its market introduction, customers have already come to appreciate the system’s considerable advantages: high speed, high operational availability and easy maintenance.

Truck Loader Design

2-Axis Truck Loading System enables the bags coming from the packing machine’s belt conveyor loaded directly onto the truck/Cargo bed. This results in perfect bag layers, with a loading speed of around 3,000 bags per hour. It is suitable for a variety of trucks and almost every type of bag.

2-Axis Truck Loading System

The automated bag handling system is easy to install and makes a powerful impression with its rugged and reliable design. It consists of an electromechanical system and has neither hydraulics nor pneumatics. Its minimal installation height is especially advantageous in the event of plant modernizations and conversions. It has a user-friendly panel which is easy to control and maintain.

The customer benefits from reduced loading and waiting times, higher loading capacities, greater operator safety, and less reliance on personnel. Other arguments for the Fully Automatic Truck Loading System by V T CORP PVT. LTD. greater energy efficiency and higher flexibility. A special feature of the improved development is the loading system’s ease of maintenance, which leads to reduced down and stoppage times.

Salient Features:

  • Boon for customer who finds difficulty in getting Manpower/ Labor for loading bags in truck
  • Maximize profits by minimizing loading, waiting and delivery times
  • Satisfy your customers with high-quality and stable loads
  • Optimizes loading capacity
  • Increase operator satisfaction
  • Create a safer working environment for personnel


This is an economical and efficient solution for those with lesser loading operations. It has 2 – Axis movement i.e. a) Forward – Backward and b) Upwards – Downwards.


V T CORP PVT. LTD. has supplied many loading machines, both standard and special models, for road vehicles and, in addition to supplying individual machines, has equipped various packing plants worldwide with such loading systems. Mechanized and semi or fully automatic truck loading system is V T CORP’s specialty.

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